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Welcome to our new site

Welcome... We're glad to have you visit our site. This is Conor and Angie's web site where we've chosen to share some facets of our family life with the rest of the world (well, primarily with our friends, but you know the web -- anything you put out here is visible to the world).

Please drop us a note and let us know you've visited. We'd like to hear from you.

Conor's Liberty Open Source

Conor started an implementation of a toolkit which implements the Liberty Alliance protocols while at AOL. AOL has agreed to release that version of the code under a BSD License. Conor has since made extensive modifications to the code to bring it into compliance with the emerging Liberty ID-WSF 2.0 specifications. More information and the source itself is available here.



We've started uploading and sharing many of our pictures of various events going on in our lives... Right now they are mostly just slide shows of various places we've been or things we're doing... I hope to go back and do some better organization & story telling at some point in the future, but for now, all you get are the Picture collections

Conor joins the world of blogging

After much prodding from his comrades in the industry, Conor finally got around to authoriing his own Blog. Come visit and take a look-see at what he is currently pondering (and feel free to leave your own comments as that makes for some cool discussions.

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